Known bugs

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Known bugs

Post  Black Mamba on Thu May 06, 2010 5:40 pm

1. Due to mesh and texture changes, Vista users might not be able to load the map (no issues have been reported with Windows 7, Windows 98, Windows ME, Mac or Linux). To fix this problem, it is recommended you run your machine in compatibility mode, as an Administrator. In theory, this should definetly solve the problem, but if it is not your case, then I suggest calling the technical support.

2. Although it is not a bug, a lot of people have complained about the background music being annoying. I will remove it in the next update. Also, the modified damage wasn't really appreciated, so I will revert it to normal in the update.

3. There seems to be an animation problem which is due to faster soldier run speeds. I will revert the run speed to normal in my next update.

4. Xfire, of course, does not recognize the mod.

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