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Console Unlocker

Post  Black Mamba on Thu May 06, 2010 7:09 pm

Mod by Ver:24436


Tired of restarting your server to test out small mod changes?

With this tool you can unlock your console and start making *realtime* mod changes. No more Server Restarting to test.

You can also tweak the console to store more recently typed commands and use previously disabled commands like game.killPlayer

Ever wanted to change to Low Gravity, but didn't feel like closing the server and changing the settings?

Now you can just type Physics.Gravity -7.365 in the console and the changes take affect immediately.

Then when you want it back to normal type:
Physics.Gravity -14.73

Want to change the Firing Force on a Colt mid game...

After you unlock the console simply type the following in the servers console and press the {ENTER} Key after each line

ObjectTemplate.Active Colt
ObjectTemplate.fireringforce 550

In this example the change only applies to US Soldiers who spawned after the changes. Any US Soldiers who were active (alive) during the change will not have the new pistols. When they respawn they will.

So some changes require the object to respawn, some changes are immediate, other's require game.restartmap, but they do not need a server restart.

Experiment, record your results and share them as we all learn the potential of this tool.

The tool will not allow you to kill players or increase the power of your weapons in someone else's server. It's for running on the host machine.

I've included the Visual Basic Express 2008 Source Codes.
So you can take a peek at how it's done.

I have not commented my source and will not be providing lessons.
If there's anything in it you don't understand you can ask my friend for help.

This version supports:

BF1942 MP Demo 1.0 (Ver:24436/2002-08-09, 20:14)
BF1942 MP Demo 1.0*(Ver:24436/2002-08-09, 20:20) 30MB Dedicated Server
BF1942 MP Demo 1.1 (Ver:25925/2002-08-28, 15:26)
Secret Weapons Demo v1.45 (Ver:54176/17/07/2003, 3:09p)


BFD: Console Unlocker Source => Download

BFD: Console Unlocker => Download

Password :

Visual Basic Express 2008 with Service Pack 1 is required => Download

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